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Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP: Committed To Effective And Long-Lasting Legal Resolutions

The attorneys at Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP focus exclusively on business and employment law. The firm offers extensive services to businesses and workers across Manhattan and Brooklyn. Their work emphasizes discreet and effective services that are competitive with large law firms, all from a boutique firm capable of providing the personalized attention large firms are unable to offer.

Each attorney is highly professional and offers a unique, but complementary, set of skills and perspective to the law team as a whole. This cooperative attitude is key to the creative thinking and thorough service for which Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP is known.

Learn about the firm’s legal team and how each individual contributes to success:

We focus on finding the optimal solution and will fight for you in court and during negotiations.

Highly Attentive Service And A Wide Variety Of Services

Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP seeks solutions that last. Hence, when clients walk into the firm, the attorneys’ first goal is to determine what issues are at hand and what options are on the table. They prepare a legal strategy that is tailored to each individual’s needs and that is focused on long-term success. Because they prioritize personalized services, the firm also explores alternative dispute resolution techniques. They leverage their client’s position during negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation to optimize outcomes.

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Are you seeking assistance for a breach of contract dispute? Has your employer discriminated against you? Do you need peaceable business issue resolutions?

Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP is located in Midtown Manhattan. Their extensive experience works to your advantage. To speak with an attorney, schedule a free consultation either through email or by calling 212-869-4646.