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An Alternative Approach To Legal Conflict Can Save You Time And Money

Arbitration and mediation are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that have many benefits. Over the years they have become an attractive, as well as cost- and time-effective, means for settling disputes outside of a courtroom.

If you are facing employment law issues and wish to consider ADR as a path to resolution, speak to a lawyer at Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP, today.

Here at our dedicated business and employment law firm, our attorneys are pioneers in pursuing alternative strategies.

Find A Strategy That Fits Your Needs

When you come to us with your concerns, we will help you understand the ADR process and determine the most advantageous strategy for your case.

With our focus in the securities industry, our legal team has experience representing employees via mandated FINRA arbitration. We also work regularly with ADR service providers such as AAA and JAMS when necessary.

You Can Have More Control Over The Outcome

Taking a business or employment law conflict to court can be expensive and time-consuming. Through arbitration or mediation, you and the other party involved may be able to settle matters more quickly. ADR methods also allow you to advocate for your desired outcome and have better control over it.

To learn more about taking an alternative approach to your legal challenges and which strategy works best for you, contact us today. Call our New York City office at 212-869-4646 to schedule a free consultation or send us an email at your earliest convenience.