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We Know The Financial Services Industry

With our focus on employment and business law, our attorneys are particularly experienced with legal matters that impact clients in the securities industry and understand the intricate workings of Wall Street.

Here at Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP, we know how the Street operates and the rules and regulations that govern the employment relationships of the individuals who make it thrive.

We Understand Complex Issues

While most interactions in the financial sector between investors and brokerage firms generally go well, disputes can still arise. But with our knowledge and experience, we can help you navigate a variety of tricky situations.

Including the following and more:

  • FINRA arbitration
  • Form U-5 defamation
  • Expungement issues
  • Bonus or deferred compensation

Have a business litigation issue that concerns the financial services industry and need help finding a solution? Reach out to us today.

And We Are Here To Offer You Effective Legal Guidance

As a nationally recognized law firm, our lawyers are proud to serve professionals and companies in and around New York City. When you encounter a business or employment law conflict and you need discretion or results, turn to us.

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