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Resolving Employment Law Disputes With Efficacy

Many people spend the majority of their lives at work and employers should be held accountable for creating an environment that enables efficiency, safety and personal growth. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP is committed to protecting the rights of employees and helping companies maintain a safe work environment. If illegal, immoral or negative actions are taking place at work, the appropriate parties should be made aware. However, employees need protection in these cases; they need to know their jobs won’t be at risk and they potentially need skilled legal representation throughout negotiations.

Attentive Partners Throughout The Legal Process

The attorneys at Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP have over 60 years of experience in business and employment law. As a boutique law firm, they’re able to give each case the personalized, attentive service it deserves. They work closely with every client to create a unique strategy that serves the client’s goals and initiatives. For employees who face issues in their workplace, Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP can provide guidance in areas such as:

  • Protection and guidance for whistleblowers
  • ERISA, including SERP plans
  • Negotiating severance
  • Arbitration and mediation for alternative dispute resolution
  • Discrimination in the workplace

Their legal team can also assist with employment contract agreements for companies to potentially limit possibilities for future litigation.

With over 60 years of experience in business law, the legal team at Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP understands how companies function and how to defend both employees and employers. They have successfully represented corporations, small businesses and workers in a wide variety of cases throughout Manhattan and work hard to find the best solution possible for every situation.

Now Taking Appointments

For an unwavering advocate in court and an astute negotiator outside of court, call Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP at 212-869-4646 or send us an email today. Their devoted team of attorneys has several decades of experience representing a wide variety of circumstances and offer free initial consultations and a commitment to helping clients resolve employment disputes.