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Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP attorneys are skilled litigators who have achieved great success representing clients in a variety of high-stakes employment, sensitive personal and commercial disputes. We advocate litigation only after less costly, time-consuming and adversarial methods have been exhausted. We advise our clients realistically, and we focus on goals that are sensible and achievable. When we embark on litigation, we believe in tenacity and focus while remaining alert to opportunities for appropriate settlement. The firm has secured favorable verdicts after both jury and bench trials in various federal and state courts, as well as substantial arbitration awards in several tribunals. The firm has litigated all manner of workplace disputes on behalf of its executive clients, including executive pay disputes, whistleblower claims, non-compete and non-solicit disputes, age, gender, disability and other statutory discrimination claims, and claims of wrongful termination, among others. Since the vast majority of commercial and employment law disputes are resolved before trial, having an attorney who can try the case if need be also goes a great way toward securing a favorable settlement.